Welcome to the Broken Promises community. Broken Promises is a lifestyle brand created by Mandee Bence (@mandeebence) and Jason Blake (@jasonpromises) that allows people to express their feelings by wearing them when sometimes it's hard to talk about them. We use relatable phrases, concepts and themes that all tie back to emotions.

We drop a new collection every Saturday at 8 AM PST. The new drop is posted each Thursday on our instagram @brokenpromisesco. All items are unisex unless stated otherwise. If you download the official Broken Promises Co app on Apple App store or Google Play, you can shop each collection early, starting every Friday night at 8 PM PST.

Almost all collections are limited drops, meaning that once they are sold out, they'll never return again. We do have a button on each product that says "Email me when available" and with items that have a high volume of requests, we do sometimes restock based on demand. Be sure to click that alert on the product page if you're eyeing an item that's sold out. Otherwise, we encourage you to shop each Saturday to ensure you can get the items while they're in stock!